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As a passionate individual, I enjoy solving problems and developing solutions that make a difference in peoples lives. Culture fit, domain knowledge, Agile methodologies are essential to me, being an adaptive self-starter and results-driven. I work well both on solo and team projects. I have worked on a diverse range and size of projects for corporates and SME's.

‣ Analytical approach to issues, challenges & risk.
‣ Drives culture & change within organisation & team.
‣ Leadership/Mentorship - motivates and leads others toward project & personal success.
‣ Encourages/Drives Agile best practices with frequent releases and CALMS (Culture Automation Lean Measurement & Sharing).
‣ Continuously improving by learning and experimenting.

‣ Promotes & Drives - Modern NoOps, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery.
‣ Experienced in Product Development (DDD - Design Driven Development).

‣ Enjoys bootstrapping green-fields projects.

‣ Enthuses modern Ruby on Rails development - Encourages the Rails Way.

‣ Practices adequate code coverage & TDD where relevant.

‣ Passionate about Ruby on Rails boring stack.

‣ Believes that big things can be done by small teams when the tech stack is right.

Ruby | Rails | Heroku | RSpec | HTML | CSS | TailwindCSS | TDD | PostgreSQL | Git | CI | Sidekiq | Redis | UnitTests | AWS

Soft Skills:
Communication | Risk Aware | Problem Solver | Resilient | Team Player | Encourager | Adaptable | Analytical | Self Starter