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Rescuing old codebases, delivering MVPs and products to startups and Fortune 500s

I am an experienced full-stack engineer with over 20 years of building robust software architectures, including 13 years of delivering B2B and B2C software using Ruby on Rails. I've worked at startups and large enterprises throughout my career, giving me broad experience building and implementing solutions from the ground up. I am passionate about Ruby and Rails and find the most joy and fulfillment in projects utilizing Rails. My core competencies in Rails include: Designing and implementing scalable, maintainable Rails web apps, APIs, and back-end systems Expertise in Rails MVC patterns, RESTful conventions, TDD, debugging, optimization Leading Agile processes from user stories to production - standups, sprints, code reviews Integrating third-party services like payments, analytics, APIs (Strava, Fitbit, Garmin HealthAPI, payment processors, etc.) Championing best practices like SOLID principles, design patterns, security Writing clean, well-tested, modular Rails code In addition to my Rails skills, I bring strong adaptability, communication, and leadership skills to the engineering roles. My other skills include: Disciplines: Fullstack/backend web development, devops/SRE/networking, distributed systems, engineering management, IOT Languages: Ruby, Javascript, SQL, Python, Rust, Go, Shell, C Frameworks: Ruby On Rails (API/Fullstack with Hotwire), RSpec, Minitest, Svelte, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap DevOps: Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Pulumi, Terraform, Chef, Github Actions, Gitlab Runners, Jenkins DataStores: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Oracle, ELK, Loki/Grafana, DynamoDB, S3 (AWS/MinIO) Cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP, MAAS, Heroky, fly.io

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Creative, Design Engineer, Pragmatic, Agnostic, Chill

Hi, As a ruby on rails developer I know what it takes to build a webapp from the ground up. To verify my experience, please check my github azeemh, and sign up for my free platform, Zedtopia. By seeing my open source code and reference projects you can see how I code in simple contexts. Going to see my work live on the web will better show you what I have built and what I am capable of coding in more complex and fully featured applications. Should we interview and agree to mutual NDA, I can also explain to you how I coded any features of interest and screen share as I walk you thru the source code, line by line. I have 2 apps live in production. Zedtopia is a socioeconomic network with democratic voting and social commerce. At this point, it's a full fledged product beyond mvp, migrated from ruby 2.7.6 & rails 5, to ruby 3.2 and rails 7, with a postgresql db. See https://www.zedtopia.com. Unlimit3d is an MVP 3d printing blockchain app, currently adding printing verification and purchase, with API partners, however users can currently sign up, upload, and share their files. Unlimit3d uses rails 7, ruby 3.2 and postgresql. See https://www.unlimit3d.com. I also helped to code connect.berniesanders.com for the 2015-2016 election cycle, which served over 200k simultaneous logged in users at any given time. Finally my personal website is found at http://www.azeemhussein.com, with my resume available at www.azeemhussein.com/resume. There you can see my designs, some cool interactive software exhibits, whitepapers, and more... 

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Rails developer with 20+ years experience

I've been obsessed with making stuff for the web since middle school and have been fascinated by dynamically typed languages for as long as I can remember. I started using rails for small school projects back when it was version 0.9. Shortly afterwards, I would have my first chance to use it professionally. As a solo dev, I wrote a full stack customer portal for a small IT company that allowed them to expand across the country while keeping a small staff. During that job, I had to deal with the quirks of FastCGI, the state of ruby 1.6 async network IO, and even had to build my own job queue with EventMachine. That application was the lifeblood of the company as I expanded and updated it through to Rails 5. Later in my career, I joined a scrappy startup as one of their earlier domestic engineering hires. I was brought on as BE lead to work on their massive monolith Rails app serving jsonapi to Ember and React SPAs. They had broken tests, minimal coverage, and lots of sporadic customer issues. I pushed us towards some practices that let us fix our suite, have higher code quality, and fewer incidents. We made all of these improvements while I was closely working with the product team and the front end developers so we could release a constant stream of well scoped features. We expanded and quickly rolled out a whole new product line during COVID. During that time, I got to manage a small team and work on a product that at peak saw 2 million requests per second. I think of software development as a craft. There's nothing like building things that have a huge positive impact on people and doing it with a lot of care and quality.

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Backend developer who knows their way around ops, with experience in building and integrating financial and data APIs

I am a backend software developer with a deep interest in building solutions that enable faster and more efficient business. I got my start in software development writing python scripts to load and automate the processing of spatial data in ArcGIS and QGIS. I later switched to backend web development with ruby on rails. Over the last 5 years I've been designing and building APIs, for business automation and integration with various African payment providers. Project highlights; Quikk API - provides a single pane of glass for developers looking to integrate to APIs in Africa, with an initial focus on mobile money APIs. It has processed over 10 million USD in the last year and seen over 300k api calls in a month. The core components of the product include; - API gateway providing authentication and authorization, traffic translation with go templates and javascript plugins and enables scaling to a tested 2000rps - Developer dashboard for onboarding users, allowing them to configure their integrations and manage access keys. The app is built as a rails api with an angular frontend. Some of the work I was involved in include; - Building the rails api for the developer dashboard - Dockerizing the application and setting up the CI/CD pipeline on gitlab CI. - Deploying the dashboard and gateway components to Kubernetes. This included deploying redis, mongodb and postgres clusters. - Load testing the gateway using locust - Testing and documenting the apis using Postman and OpenAPI - Providing technical support to users using our APIs Quadvendor - a 'mini' ERP specifically tailored to meet the needs of SMEs in Kenya. It provides for inventory, sales, team and customers management. The app is built as a monolithic rails app, which also provides an API for the android app. I was involved as a consultant helping implement the sales and purchases modules and also built the payments integrations to Flutterwave and M-pesa. Skills: Ruby, Rails, Roda, Sequel, Go, Bash, Docker, Kubernetes, Google cloud

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