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Tinkerer, Teacher, Users first, Data first, Polyglot Developer ❤️ Ruby & Lisp

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Delon has been tinkering with computers since he was 10 and code since he was 15, but he got his start professionally at 18 years old (in 1999 😅) writing a data conversion script in Perl for his mother's client in the manufacturing industry. Since then he's worked for various companies, but primarily, he's been a freelancer and consultant.

He's worked in many data-intensive fields including healthcare, health research, education & marketing. He specializes in building data-oriented applications like case management systems, scheduling systems, workflow systems, EHR / EMR systems, form systems, and content management systems. He enjoys systems integration & automation, working with arcane data formats, building compilers and interpreters, and solving problems that effect human people.

He's used a variety of technologies professionally including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, C, Clojure, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Python, Java, C#, Visual Basic for Applications, Bash, PHP, SQL, Datalog and explored many more. But, he really loves to work with Ruby & Lisp.

He loves learning and helping others learn. Lately he's been learning about Natural Language Processing, computer graphics, and modern DevOps.

He's a self-professed math and science geek, but he also loves music (especially Jazz), poetry, photography and hiking with his beautiful wife and their dog Blu.


  • Over 22 years of experience
  • Polyglot developer
  • Over 8 years of experience in Healthcare & Research
  • Enjoy working with arcane data formats (e.g. EDI)
  • Build user-friendly data-oriented applications
  • System integration & automation
  • System architecture & design
  • Experienced mentor & teacher
  • Math & CS nerd
  • ❤️ Ruby & Lisp