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Ruby developer since 2004, RubyConf Thailand co-organizer

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I started programming in BASIC on a Commodore 64. When I discovered Ruby in 2004, it was love at first sight. I tried Rails for the first time in 2005 and have worked with it professionally since around 2010. I love the Ruby community and co-organize the monthly Bangkok Ruby Meetup and RubyConf Thailand.

My working life was divided between working as an IC (and later engineering manager/CTO) at various product startups, as well as consulting on a variety of projects. I have experience in many different domains including fintech and worked in both B2C and B2B contexts.

I enjoy leading teams and managing developers, and I like developing/contributing to processes that make developers' lives easier as well as mentoring younger engineers. I'm an active mentor for Exercism, My First Ruby Friend, and the mentorship program of the F# software foundation.

I'm not particularly interested in full-time employment but am always looking for interesting challenges on a contract basis. But who knows, depending on what you are working on I may well change my mind.

Some of my work/other info:

  • I fixed several bugs in JRuby and CRuby
  • I wrote a gem called methodfinder, originally for the students of RubyLearning
  • I used to be a top 10 Ruby user on StackOverflow but mostly stopped actively using the site a couple of years ago.
  • I wrote several paid posts for AppSignal's Ruby Magic blog, Human Readable magazine, and others and was a technical reviewer for Gautam Rege's book on Ruby and MongoDB