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Ruby developer since 2004, RubyConf Thailand co-organizer, Polyglot

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I am a passionate Ruby (and other languages) developer with extensive experience in Rails, having worked with it professionally since 2010. I co-organize the Bangkok Ruby Meetup and RubyConf Thailand and actively contribute to the Ruby community. My career has been a mix of working as an individual contributor, engineering manager, and CTO at various product startups, as well as consulting on diverse projects across different domains, including fintech, B2C, and B2B.

I enjoy leading teams, developing processes that improve developers' lives, and mentoring younger engineers. I am or have been an active mentor for Exercism, RubyLearning, My First Ruby Friend, and the F# Software Foundation's mentorship program.

While I prefer contract-based work, I am open to full-time employment for the right opportunity. Some of my notable contributions include fixing bugs in JRuby and CRuby, creating the methodfinder gem, and writing paid posts for various technical publications. I am also a polyglot programmer, with recent projects in Python, Dart (Flutter), and JS/TS (Deno).