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I am a positive, enthusiastic and committed developer. Curious to learn and always looking for answers to why things work a particular way.

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I am passionate about making dynamic websites. I get curious about "computer magic" and how necessary things work the way they do.

My education was quite slow, so, there is no time for me to waste. I spend my day building and practicing (TDD with Minitest and Rspec).

I am a quick learner, work long hours, self-motivated and committed to making myself a better developer.

What I know:

Command Line, Git, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, some JS, Ruby, Rails, Hotwire, PostgreSQL and Stimulus, Minitest/Rspec

I am currently seeking job opportunities that will allow me to continue expanding my skillset and knowledge. I'm excited about the prospect of contributing to a team and continuing to learn in a professional setting.

I understand employing me as a junior is investing in me. IF YOU HIRE ME, I WON'T QUIT MY JOB AFTER 2 YEARS :)