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Senior Rails developer specialising in building web apps

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Been programming for 8 years and I have a really good understanding of Ruby, Rails, Hotwire, GraphQL, OOP concepts and building production quality web apps.

These are my recent highlights:

  • I'm currently working on my bootstrapped solo SAAS app that is used by 400+ businesses every month. Built with ROR and lots of Hotwire.

  • Before that, I was a senior developer at FORSBERG+two, a bootstrapped and profitable app development studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark, serving over 75,000+ businesses. My work mainly involved: 1) Building out a Rails engine that holds all the common features - setup, onboarding flow, subscriptions, views (Polaris), authentication etc - so that its easier to build new Shopify apps. 2) Adding tests (system, integration and unit tests) for the existing 4 Shopify apps.

  • Before that I was a senior developer at Lummo, a Sequoia backed fintech app used by over 1 million small merchants and retailers. Was with them from the early start to around the 1 million users mark. There were two of us doing Rails over here, and I was the first hire.

Excited to work on something new. I'm easy to work with, and have a track record of publishing production quality apps.