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I help to reduce new bug rate in Ruby on Rails apps

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I use my expertise to help people go from "a flood of bugs" ➡️ "a trickle of bugs" in their Ruby on Rails apps.
- I refactored code from actsaslist and other open-source projects. Clean code ➡️ less confusion ➡️ fewer bugs introduced.
- I write tests before I write code (TDD) ➡️ better test coverage ➡️ fewer bugs.
- I taught people how to love working on bad code. Love to refactor leads to cleaner code in the project overall ➡️ fewer bugs.

💎 Back end:
Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Sidekick, PostgreSQL,MySQL

🌨️ DevOps:
shellscript (bash), Docker, Linux, Gitlab CI, AWS EC2/S3/CloudWatch, Terraform, Python

🖥 Front end (auxiliary):
HTML5, CSS, Sass,
JavaScript ES6,
Vue (I can make changes to Vue frontend, but I won't take full responsibility for it.),
jQuery, Mocha