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I help founders to boost customer retention by reducing the number of bugs that make it through to customers

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Here's how I helped a client:
Brendon requested help with developing new features for his SaaS, that helps schools build their websites

When I started working on the project, I realised that there was no acceptance test suite. I could easily break parts of the SaaS, while adding features, so I proposed adding acceptance tests first. Brendon agreed with that.

I used RSpec to cover the app with an acceptance test suite (Ruby on Rails feature tests), and introduced a CI to run the test suite on pushed Github code.

Brendon got a safety net of a test suite and CI. That allowed to:
* Catch introduced bugs, before they reached customers.
* Gave Brendon a sense of safety, while making changes to his SaaS.

Before working with Dmitry, our application had no test suite due to time constraints. I always knew we needed tests, but Dmitry helped put things into action. He created a set of unit and integration tests that mean we can now make code changes with confidence. I found Dmitry's critical thinking helpful. An example of this was his encouraging us to use Continuous Integration (CI). Now our tests run automatically each time we push any changes to Github. I definitely recommend Dmitry’s Technical Debt Rescue service for anyone looking to reduce development time by prioritising testing and/or refactoring. Dmitry is a very careful coder and I could definitely trust in his work.

Brendon Miur
Founder at Spike@school

What it's like to work with me:
- I work autonomously and isolate you from most problems I encounter during work. You convey the outcomes you want, and I work on delivering them for you. As a result, if your management style leans toward micro, we probably aren't a good fit.
- I need descriptions of the outcomes you want (for example, via Kanban tickets), and resources necessary for me delivering those outcomes (git repo access, documentation, etc).
- If I see an inefficiency cropping up, I create a system to mitigate it. For example, users were reporting the same type of bug over and over, taking the team's valuable time to address each report. I suggested implementing a bug reporting template written with these reports in mind. The template ensured the users were giving us the information we needed to make the report immediately actionable. In many cases, it actually prevented the reports in the first place since it revealed to the user what they were doing wrong.

What my clients say:
Dmitry's services are excellent. Dmitry helped us refactor our application and his knowledge of Ruby and Rails architecture is excellent. I highly recommend Dmitry to any project or business that is finding their development efforts slow or hard due to a large amount of technical debt. His approach is deliberate and informative, and all members of the team will benefit from his thorough explanations and guidance.
Rob Zolkos
CTO/Senior Ruby on Rails developer

💎 Back end:
Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Sidekick, PostgreSQL,MySQL

🌨️ DevOps:
shellscript (bash), Docker, Linux, Gitlab CI, AWS EC2/S3/CloudWatch, Terraform, Python

🖥 Front end (auxiliary):
HTML5, CSS, Sass,
JavaScript ES6,
Vue (I can make changes to Vue frontend, but I won't take full responsibility for it.),
jQuery, Mocha