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🇨🇦 Back-End Developer and Data Engineer

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👉 As a back-end Rails developer and data engineer, I specialize in enhancing Rails applications, focusing on speed, ease of maintenance, and reliability.

My approach is grounded in core principles: I boost database performance with Postgresql, delegate tasks to a background job processor like Sidekiq for efficient asynchronous task management within Rails applications, and employ caching strategies to optimize overall performance.

In my role as a production engineer, monitoring and observability are essential. I utilize CloudWatch, Datadog, Sentry, and Grafana/Prometheus for a real-time understanding of system health.

As a data engineer, my tools of choice include Postgresql, the Kiba gem, and the Python data-stack.

I adopt an incremental approach, always considering the needs and concerns of both the team and customers, while being mindful of budget limits and overarching project objectives.

Please note, I prioritize a mutual understanding of the role and its requirements. Therefore, I do not share code samples prior to meeting and engaging in a conversation about the role.