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Rails Production engineer | 🇨🇦 Toronto Canada

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Hi there, I am a Rails Production Engineer-- I make Rails app faster🏃, easier to work on, and more reliable 💪.

🥇I focus on the fundamentals: improving database performance using Postgresql, moving work to a background job processor like Sidekiq for managing ⚡ asynchronous tasks within the Rails application, and finally, caching to optimize overall performance ✨.

🔭 As a production engineer, monitoring and observability are critical to my work. I utilize tools like CloudWatch, Datadog, Sentry, and Grafana/Prometheus to maintain a real-time view of system health.

🌱 I often run load tests and benchmarks to understand how services behave in production.

🕐 My approach is incremental, prioritizing thoughtful and measured steps, empathetic 🫂 to the needs and concerns of both the team and customers, and mindful 🧠 of budget constraints and overall project goals.