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Endlessly curious former electrical engineer turned full-stack developer after graduating from Flatiron. Experience in JavaScript | React | Redux | Ruby | Rails | CSS | Material-UI | SQL.

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After spending approximately a decade practicing electrical design, installation & repair initially in the aviation sector and then in the marine sector, I decided to learn something new. The software environment is ever evolving while the electrical installation field is quite repetitive. Flatiron gave me the chance to enter a new world full of tools and techs that are endlessly interesting. For example, I recently adapted active storage into my rails application that is saved to the postgreSQL database instead of hosted on a cloud service. The use of blobs encouraged me to learn about the JavaScript Blob() and File() constructors that I was previously unaware of. That is what is continuing to draw me into development on a daily basis. I am passionate about learning to code, helping others to code and building useful applications that people can use to improve their jobs or lives. I have a vast amount of experience in troubleshooting and fault-finding. It has served me well during my time at Flatiron. Without that experience, I imagine that every error I had to work through would have taken exponentially more time. While electrical and software engineering are different fields, fault-finding is always about tracing the correct progression of events in a system and determining the point at which the progression stops. My personal preference is that debugging in software is more fun than building applications. Problem solving is a practical knowledge that comes from experience and I enjoy practicing it.

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Tinkerer, Teacher, Users first, Data first, Polyglot Developer ❤️ Ruby & Lisp

Delon has been tinkering with computers since he was 10 and code since he was 15, but he got his start professionally at 18 years old (in 1999 😅) writing a data conversion script in Perl for his mother's client in the manufacturing industry. Since then he's worked for various companies, but primarily, he's been a freelancer and consultant. He's worked in many data-intensive fields including healthcare, health research, education & marketing. He specializes in building data-oriented applications like case management systems, scheduling systems, workflow systems, EHR / EMR systems, form systems, and content management systems. He enjoys systems integration & automation, working with arcane data formats, building compilers and interpreters, and solving problems that effect human people. He's used a variety of technologies professionally including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, C, Clojure, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Python, Java, C#, Visual Basic for Applications, Bash, PHP, SQL, Datalog and explored many more. But, he really loves to work with Ruby & Lisp. He loves learning and helping others learn. Lately he's been learning about Natural Language Processing, computer graphics, and modern DevOps. He's a self-professed math and science geek, but he also loves music (especially Jazz), poetry, photography and hiking with his beautiful wife and their dog Blu. Highlights Over 22 years of experience Polyglot developer Over 8 years of experience in Healthcare & Research Enjoy working with arcane data formats (e.g. EDI) Build user-friendly data-oriented applications System integration & automation System architecture & design Experienced mentor & teacher Math & CS nerd ❤️ Ruby & Lisp

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Experienced Rails/Vue Web Developer

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🚀 Experienced Full Stack Developer with more than 12 years of professional experience with Ruby on Rails and related technology. I've built products from the ground up for startups and I've jumped in on existing code bases to add features and solve problems in a timely and cost effective manner. I understand the value of a solid test suite. I also have extensive experience with Vue.js - I've built mobile applications and complex front-end solutions for Rails using Vue. I'm a seasoned remote worker - I've been working remote since 2000. ========================================================= THE ORIGIN STORY - (long) 👶I began my web development journey, shortly after college, working with FileMaker and Lasso at a development company specialized in those technologies. I craved a more industry standard technology stack, and in 2000 I moved to working remote, as a self employed contractor and began developing web solutions with PHP and Postgresql. My first big contract was developing an eLearning solution in partnership with a Japanese technology company. Eventually, a colleague and friend convinced me to try "the next big thing", which was Ruby on Rails 2.x (~2008), at the time. 👨We built a multi tenant/SaaS solution for creating public and private torrenting communities. The buzz word of the day was, "semantic data", and our system integrated with an external semantic db to query for meta data related to our communitie's data. Unfortunately funding for this project dissolved and the team was laid off. Next, I worked on a number of smaller projects for a couple of years, before landing a longer term project adding features, fixing performance issues, and addressing bugs on an eLearning product called Edsero, for a Chicago based company called Global Learning Models. 🧔‍♂️In 2016 I was approached by two would-be founders about developing a SaaS solution to bring affordable occupational health and safety solutions to small and medium companies. I accepted the job, and begn working with the founders - domain experts in their field, to gather requirements, architect, design, and then to rapidly develop a minimal viable product. I also managed infrastructure choices, set up of hosting & deployment, backup strategies, the marketing site (static site generated with Jekyl) etc. I produced a viable product in about nine months- we had paying customers using the system in the first year. In the following years development was focused on adding more features and capabilities: an investigaton system, training and certifications tracking, integration with third party training providers, the ability for companies to develop and complete custom forms. I also developed internal admin tools to aid customer support, billing. Next, I developed the mobile application📱. I chose Vue.js and "progressive web application" PWA technology. Users required the ability to complete their safety forms in the field, even without internet access, and those forms then needed to be seemlessly uploaded to the backend once the internet became available. I also built out the versioned REST API to support the mobile client. My initial years on the project were solo development. At the mid point of the project we occasionally hired and managed additional short-term developers. The last years were a return to solo development, but I worked with an excellent product designer (a recent graduate from Emily Carr's UX program). It was an amazing experience to work with such talent as a team. 🧓Today I'm ready to embark on the next chapter. Whatever it may be. But after years of mostly solo development I crave working with peers who I can learn more from.

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