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Mid-level Rails and JavaScript developer

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In 2014, I attended App Academy, a top web development bootcamp. I graduated near the top of my class and was invited to becoming a teaching assistant at App Academy, where I taught Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL, and more to their next three cohorts of students. I then worked at Hired, Inc. (a reverse job board for technology professionals), first as a software engineer in the San Francisco headquarters (from 2016-2018) and then as a support engineer working remotely (from 2018-2020). I'm now looking to re-enter the world of professional web development. I really enjoy problem solving, and there is no end of problems to solve in web development. I enjoy working with quality tooling and frameworks that make it possible to solve those challenges as efficiently, enjoyably, and robustly as possible. That's why I love working with Ruby on Rails, and the Ruby ecosystem in general. On the frontend, I enjoy working in Vue, though I'm also familiar with React. I enjoy making things that effectively meet users' needs and desires and which align with my values. I like to build web applications with a convenient and intuitive user experience. I like to maintain high test coverage, so that we can iterate quickly and confidently, without worrying too much about breaking things for our users. And when the product does have a bug, I love the challenge of deeply understanding the underlying source of the bug, figuring out how to fix it, and strategizing about which process or architectural changes could help to avoid similar bugs in the future.

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