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Multilingual, Multi-talented Software Maven

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In 2013, I stumbled into the world of software and it's been a thrilling journey ever since. While residing out of state and working as a secretary, a company spotted my resume on a job board and invited me to interview for a junior development role. I was initially skeptical, (I joked that all I could do was update a MySpace page), but they recognized my proficiency in foreign languages and believed they could teach me to code. Although I absolutely bombed the technical interview, my future boss saw potential and told me he saw a working brain at play. They specialized in a healthcare abstraction software written in Smalltalk and it unlocked a part of my brain that I didn’t know existed — something creative and analytical and puzzle-y and I was hooked from word one. I worked with them for about a year before circumstances led me back to North Carolina to be with family. I knew I would never have such luck again, I enrolled in night school and pursued a software apprenticeship. In 2019, I made the decisive shift to a programming career, a choice that has become the pride of my life. Professionally, I am a passionate software engineer specializing in Ruby/Rails, driven by the challenge of solving complex problems with innovative solutions. I am dedicated to maintaining high code quality and ensuring long-term maintainability while approaching new features with a focus on fundamental design principles. Demonstrating confident ownership of my work, I strive to deliver projects with speed and accuracy. I thrive in both collaborative team environments and self-directed settings, embodying a lifelong student mindset, always eager to swiftly learn and master new technologies.

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Ruby on Rails Fullstack Developer, Tech Lead, Database Engineer

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I’m Ruby/RoR engineer obsessed with databases and automation. For 12 years I devote myself to the IT industry as (formerly) a technical writer, then a software engineer (10 years), incl. being a business owner and tech lead (since 2018). • I’m deeply familiar with Ruby and/or Ruby on Rails. Since 2014 I’ve been working on and building (incl. from scratch) a dozen of apps from huge monoliths to small apps, full-stack or API-only apps, and worked with versions 3.2–7.0 of Rails and 1.9–3.2 of Ruby; • Besides Ruby/Rails (and Sinatra, and Cuba), my strong points are Oracle & PL/SQL and PostgreSQL (incl. writing and tuning complex SQL queries), Shell scripting (from Bash with grep/sed/awk to Perl/Python/C), and User testing (Watir, Cypress); • I also have a several-year experience with JavaScript as well as React and Vue and I’m capable of talking with the frontend people in the same language as well as doing not-so-complex things; • I speak and write English fluently; • I worked in both enterprise- and startup environments; • I’m unbelievably initiative and enterprising and never-sitting-on-my-hands. I consider myself a well-equipped T-shaped engineer, and I’m tool agnostic and not constraining myself only with Ruby or Rails. For me tools are just tools to build products and work on challenges. Besides, since I treat product development as a single whole, I prefer to be not just a coder and executor, and not in a specific area, but my real power (and, inseparably, passion) is in a diversified approach to the product, that is, diving in the product/business realm, bringing and brainstorming new (or good old) ideas with stakeholders, implementing them on different levels, rethinking processes (of whatever it could be—product itself or development team), increasing the database (and not only) performance, doing/setting up/improving deploys, gathering use cases, breaking them down into test cases and then implementing e2e tests, trying to preserve any knowledge for the current and potential team members by writing structured docs, etc. I do love seeing a big picture and working on various levels of responsibility and parts of the product besides just typing the code, which is still basically the major part of my work. More details on the above or other things we can surely discuss tête-à-tête :)

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