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Ruby on Rails expert with business development mindset | WideFix Founder

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I build Ruby on Rails applications that work. I deliver solutions quickly with high quality so that they can be deployed to production right away. No need for babysitting and additional QA. I always prefer simple solutions for complicated problems. I believe that for all complicated tasks, the solutions are simple.

The things where I'm the most productive are: performance optimization, production bugs debugging and fixing, and data analyzing (SQL), developing features with complicated business logic.

Some facts about me:
- Author of the book Rake Task Management Essentials []
- Ruby on Rails contributor -
- Added "sendemail" matcher to rspec-rails gem -
- Author several gems admitted by the Ruby community:
- Blog author:
- Developing my own product (organized a team and managing the product and the team):
- Previously, software engineer at Toptal and Hubstaff.