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2 Years Rails Junior Developer Experience

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At CLUSTERCUBE, successfully delivered innovative solutions for internal self projects while also providing consulting services for external clients. Used Ruby on Rails
and front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop feature-rich
web applications tailored to client requirements as...


A unique opportunity to contributed significantly to the restructuring of a website, playing a key role in the website overhaul and refactoring efforts. Implemented new internal systems aimed at optimizing administrative processes. Applied design expertise to style both new and existing components. Collaborated closely with the team on feature enhancement, bug fixing, and the seamless integration of additional functionalities and contributed to bolstering system security measures..

IncentiveHouse :

A system aimed at business management. I engineered and implemented a streamlined Image Edit System, allowing clients to effortlessly request and monitor multiple image edits within the business management platform.


At Cligest, a medical and pharmaceutical services company, I was involved in the development and maintenance of a document management platform. My contributions focused on implementing document management features and ensuring security and compliance with healthcare industry regulations.

Universidade Nova:

I worked closely with the Universidade Nova on the development and maintenance of the Methis project. This online platform was designed to assist doctors and nurses in the remote monitoring of patients, providing questionnaires, messages, alerts, and voice and video calls. The project is deployed in family health units in the Greater Lisbon area and contributes to the collection of valuable data for scientific research, including studies on chronic diseases and COVID-19.