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Beginner Ruby on Rails developer | Self-Learner

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About Me

New grad of Business Information technology at Red River College with experience on various languages such as C#, Next.JS and Kotlin. Introduced to Ruby on Rails through one of my courses and since then have consistently used Ruby on Rails for my own Projects. Currently interested in looking for junior software development opportunities to develop my skill set.

What am I Working on Right now

Currently I am working on sending in applications to various entry level software development jobs around the world to get my foot in the door and start my developer career. Aside from that I am also developing a web app for dividend tracking using the Questrade API provided by my brokerage. I am creating this to provide me similar functionality to the website "" and to get around the paywall.

Project Details

  • Hosted by Google Cloud Run
  • DB hosted on CockroachDB
  • Styled by TailwindCSS and DaisyUI

Work Experience

Worked with a team of developers to develop a Next.JS application for a client in my local community.
- Created multiple front end components and styles such as Cards, Dialog Boxes, and UI layout for the application.
- Documented our Tech stack and provided written instructions for our codebase and setup procedures for the next team.
- Communicated various technical details to the non-technical client and retrieved business requirements in bi-weekly meetings.