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Senior Software Engineer | Rails | Hotwire

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I'm a Ruby on Rails developer with 5 years of experience, deeply committed to crafting efficient and scalable web solutions that truly make a difference. My career is driven by an unwavering passion for solving complex problems, communicating effectively, and a continuous desire to learn and innovate in the tech field.

I'm currently expanding my knowledge in system architecture through an ongoing MBA, further enriching my ability to structure and optimize complex web applications. This step reflects my commitment to continuous professional development and delivering high-impact technological solutions.

In terms of work culture, I value environments that are remote-friendly and focused on a healthy balance between productivity and well-being. I've always aligned my contributions with organizational goals, and I've got a proven track record of improving efficiency and work quality.

If you're looking to build a team that values passion, technical innovation, and a commitment to excellence, let's connect.