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- Ruby on Rails development
- Frontend development with Hotwire and StimulusJS
- API development and integration
- Content management systems


  • Developed a CMS for a shopping mall company to manage and search for merchants, campaigns, promotions, payment methods and transactions.
  • From the same CMS, developed a scalable API for mobile application consumption.
  • Integrated with various third-party APIs, including parking, loyalty, and payment systems.
  • Built a custom payment page that allowed user interaction, such as the ability to select payment methods, enter voucher codes, and select e-points to use.
  • Built an invoicing application to manage and track their finances with features such as automatic invoice generation, payment processing, reporting, and analytics.

Personal Project:
- bookmarker: Pocket clone built with Hotwire and StimulusJS
- stimulus_wordle: Wordle clone built with StimulusJS