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Seasoned RoR artisan, crafting clean, maintainable code and embracing challenges with creativity and imagination

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As a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer for over 7 years, I've had a blast building web applications using a variety of technologies. Whether it's reviving large legacy apps or nurturing brand new projects, I'm game. Clean, maintainable, and testable code isn't just my passion - it's what I love. I thrive on solving real-world problems and adding value to users.

Here's a taste of what I bring to the table:

Back-end: Ruby on Rails, Object-orientated Programming, REST API, RSpec, MiniTest
Front-end: Hotwire (Turbo + Stimulus.js), JavaScript, Bootstrap, Tailwind, jQuery
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, DynamoDB
Tools: Bitbucket, Github, Jira, Gitlab, Slack
CI/CD: Heroku, Dokku, Bitbucket Pipelines, Github Actions

I've tackled all kinds of projects, from patient scheduling and customer service software to security monitoring and middleware APIs. I've improved large legacy codebases with object-oriented principles and Rails best practices, and have wielded RSpec and MiniTest to implement comprehensive test suites.

I'm very comfortable working remote and adept at various team communication and ticketing software. Although I'm happily employed, I’m keen on the occasional small freelance gig or consultation. I have an insatiable appetite for new challenges and constantly learning. I'd love to help make your vision a reality!