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Mid-level Ruby on Rails engineer

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I am a 22 years old, mid-level, completely self-taught, Ruby on Rails developer from Italy.

I learned to code in my youth years driven by curiosity, fascination and intrigue. Since the start of my journey, I have always believed that information should be available and free for everyone, so I decided not to pursue an academic career in college or a bootcamp. I preferred to stay up all night long reading documentation and trying things on my own.

I have learned everything I know because of open source, and because of that I am an avid open source contributor. If I spot something I can contribute to, be sure I will work on it!

I have been working all my career (approximately 2 years of experience) as a backend developer, dealing with JSON APIs, cron jobs, Docker, Kubernetes, microservices in an hexagonal architecture and cloud platform all day long.