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I am a full stack engineer working in the tech industry remotely for US Clients.I believe if given the opportunity I can bring great value to your team as well as I am excited for the growth that my upcoming project will bring.

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I am a pure on rails developer for the past 5 years. I have worked on project related to recruitment applications and real estate in the United States. In this journey I was given the main responsibility of delivering the release every 2 weeks so that the application gets updated, building the graphql backend so that the front end could get easily integrated in Next JS.

The major accomplishments on my previous projects is that I have always won the trust of my clients and delivered them quality work by writing clean code with 100% coverage of all the features I have built.

In my 5 year journey I have worked in multiple projects and used the following gems to enhance the user experience

  • Devise for Authentication
  • Pundit for Authorizaion
  • Active Admin for to build the admin side of my application
  • cucoon to build custom number of inputs
  • amoeba to clone objects
  • axlsx to handle excel sheets

and many more