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Born to be in tech. Joined the university to pursue a bachelor's degree in Business Information Technology. After 3 years I dropped out to teach myself coding. I learned Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB. I am good at Git and I also took a Technical writing course. 7 months ago I applied and was accepted for a Software Engineering Bootcamp that runs for 12 months. I am still continuing with the program. I recently started exploring Ruby and Ruby on Rails and up to now I really love it.

My love for problem-solving is what has kept me in tech for all that time. I thrive from the hours of staring at a code base for as long as it takes to get a hack around some annoying bugs. I found passion here.

I am also an all-round artist who appreciates any form of art. Coding is an art for me and blending my art skills with coding is always my main goal. The intersection between the two is my superpower. It is where I want to be always.