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Hi 👋, my name is Sergey, nice to meet you!
TL;DR: I’m a self made developer with 8+ YOE, a business oriented mindset, and a passion to find balance between “ship it fast” and “make it perfect”, as well as enough skills to consult or develop a fully functioning app or website using ruby, elixir, javascript, or whatever other language your heart desires 😉
One of my proudest achievements is that I architected a bunch of systems which are being used by thousands of people on a daily basis, which were later developed by a team I managed and mentored. It’s my pride and pleasure to create something that will be used by other people, and will make someone’s life easier.
One of my main skills that distinguish me from others is the ability to analyze the software from the business perspective. Should we spend some time on technical debt? Should we ship MVP really quickly and perfect it later? Should we rewrite or hire a new developer? These are the questions that not every responsible and proactive software engineer can answer, these questions require deep understanding of client needs, as well as highly rational perception of software. Or do you just need to quickly develop a quality product and want someone responsible to help you with this? I’m your guy!
I would be glad to help you architect, develop, or consult on any kind of idea or software you have on your mind, as well as maintain or add features to an existing product you have. Don’t hesitate to reach out, I’m absolutely sure I can help you!