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I studied electronic engineering and then started my career at a company called Eventfuel, working on the Ruby on Rails backend for their mobile apps. After that, I co-founded a web development and marketing agency called Mopiu with a friend.

In 2019, I moved to London to work at CharlieHR as a full stack Rails developer. There, I developed many of their current product features and maintained/rewrote legacy code.

Most recently in 2022, I joined EdgePetrol as a backend developer. Work on Edge consisted mainly of maintaining their Rails micro-services that processed multiple data points from transactions collected from customer's petrol stations.

I'm a big fan of clean, readable and tested code that is efficient.

Technical skills
- Ruby on rails
- Ruby
- NodeJs
- Javascript
- ReactJS
- JQuery

Also experienced with:
- Heroku
- AWS S3
- Focused on Rails and OOP best practices