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Rails Dev with AI and Google Cloud, AWS Skills

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My origins as a developer go back to my childhood days, when I programmed in Java, creating games (including the famous snake game) on large computers with Windows 95. As time went by, I followed the evolution of old programming languages as well as witnessed the emergence of new ones.

I specialized in data analysis and structuring databases in SQL, including Oracle and SQL Server. I followed the emergence of neural language programming in Artificial Intelligence, at a time when ChatGPT prototypes already existed.

I love coding ruby apps, specially with the adventure of rails where everything goes easy now. I have created lots of projects but my passion is to develop ruby on rails integrated to AI, Big Data and Cloud Development.

I have expertise with git, docker, kubernets, terraform, ansible and other automations and all SQL and NoSQL environments.

I have leadership experience as well, here in my country I have coordenated small developer teams using github, gitlab, JIRA, Linear and other tools.

My language skills are English (read, write and speak), spanish and french.

I can work as a freelancer as well, you give me your idea and I can help you bring it to the real world, I can also coordinate small developers teams, coordenate daily meetings and reports.