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I help Rails developers build web-powered iOS and Android apps with Turbo Native.

Turbo Native enables teams to build high-fidelity hybrid apps by rendering HTML inside of native navigation. It means your team can reuse mobile web views across platforms. Create your views once, in Ruby + HTML, and render them on mobile web and in the iOS app.

And when you need even more fine-grained control, you can drop down to native UIKit and Swift UI to build fully native views. This flexibility lets you produce large apps with small teams.

Achieve baseline HTML coverage for free. Upgrade to native views as needed.

Here's how I can help:

  • Bridge the gap between your Rails app and iOS by implementing the necessary Ruby and Swift + Kotlin code.
  • Level up your team's Turbo Native + Hotwire skills with pair programming and workshops.
  • Offer advisory guidance on best practices in the hybrid space from my 5+ years building Turbo Native apps.

I'm also the solo-founder of RailsDevs, the site you're using right now!