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CEO / CTO with 7yrs xp of fullstack Rails dev. I raised +1.6m€ with the company I built from scratch. IoT and hybrid services expert.

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Since beginning my journey in web development with Ruby on Rails in 2017, I've been driven by the desire to innovate and lead in the tech space. I founded a music-tech startup, coding 65% of our product myself and leading our talented team of seven to secure €1.6m in funding. Our company, now profitable and fully automated, provides 24/7 accessible studios for music producers and content creators.

Our journey in the IoT and music-tech sectors has honed my skills in holistic product design, development, and management. I ensure our products meet end-user needs while seamlessly integrating various professional disciplines, achieving both high performance and strict adherence to timelines.

🛠️ Technical proficiencies:
- Languages and frameworks: Ruby 3, Rails 7, TailwindCSS, ViewComponent, Turbo, Stimulus JS.
- Testing and opperations: Minitest, Yarn, Sidekiq, Heroku, Redis.
- IoT and automation: Raspberry Pi, Home Assistant, smart devices, and API integrations.
- Payment and marketing systems: Stripe (Payments, Billing, Identity, Connect), marketing automations with n8n.

😌 Additional skills:
- Expertise in marketing, UX design, branding, and both headless and no-code CMS platforms.
- Proficient in data science, focusing on data collection, manipulation, and enrichment.

🏢 Industries I add value to:
- Music and entertainment, IoT, real estate, travel, cooperative sciences, and hybrid business models.
- Extensive experience in industries related to scuba diving and smart buildings.

👀 Looking forward:
I am eager to explore new projects and collaborate with teams that aspire to reach and exceed their goals. If you're seeking a seasoned developer with a proven track record and broad industry expertise, let's connect and discuss how we can work together to achieve something exceptional. 😌