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Senior Tech Lead | Ruby on Rails expert | 20 years XP | Test addict | Performance lover

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With over two decades of experience in software/application development, I've cultivated an expertise that spans multiple technologies and industries.

Beginning with Java, I honed my skills within the heart of France's major banks and industries, mastering the foundations of software architecture. A decade later, my passion led me to Ruby, ushering in a new era of innovation. From dynamic startups like HelloPrêt to industry giants such as Doctolib, EDF, and Smart Pension, I've thrived in diverse environments, leveraging Ruby's flexibility to deliver exceptional solutions.


Throughout my journey, I've embraced the role of mentor, guiding junior developers to unlock their potential and fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence. By offering advice and assistance, I've not only enhanced team productivity but also cultivated a cohesive and supportive work environment.

Test addict:

Testing isn't just a task – it's a philosophy that I've embraced since my inaugural professional experience in 2004. From unit tests to performance evaluations, I've championed the importance of comprehensive testing, recognizing its pivotal role in crafting resilient, bug-free software. Beyond mere functionality, tests empower us to build applications that are not just robust, but also easily maintainable.

Performance lover:

I'm passionate about performance optimization. Whether it's identifying and fixing N+1 queries, optimizing database indexes, or fine-tuning JVM settings, I love diving into performance challenges. Each problem is unique, and I enjoy finding tailored solutions to ensure systems run smoothly and efficiently.