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Full-stack Tech Lead with 10+ YoE

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As a Certified Scrum Master with 10 years of experience, I specialize in web technologies like Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React, and more. My career has been shaped by working with diverse, distributed startup teams, where I've built and scaled reliable products.

Developer Origin Story

My journey began at university, where a passion for solving complex problems sparked my love for coding. This passion led me to a career focused on creating impactful software solutions, from upgrading legacy systems to developing new applications.

Recent Milestone

Recently, I led the successful development and release of a key feature at my recent gig, coordinating efforts across multiple teams and time zones. This project highlighted my strengths in technical leadership and effective communication.

Passion and Continuous Learning

I'm deeply passionate about both teaching and learning. I regularly conduct training sessions on CI/CD pipelines and testing frameworks, and I enjoy mentoring junior developers and giving guest lectures on Git.

Unique Skills

My unique blend of technical expertise, leadership, and a passion for continuous learning makes me a valuable asset to any team. I'm highly analytical, empathetic, and inquisitive, always striving to build scalable, reliable, and innovative solutions.