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15 years full-stack experience (Rails, Vue.js, Swift)

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I’m a longtime Ruby on Rails developer with a strong focus on productization, code quality, and usability. With 15 years of industry experience, I am able to tackle complex problems and build large functional areas expertly.

My background is primarily in internal tooling and developer tools. I have worked for numerous startups, including Square, where I built their translation and localization pipeline, including a translator-facing UI focused on efficient usability. I also built a comprehensive exception tracking and monitoring tool for both Square and Scribd.

My passions are primarily focused towards internal good and social good. I align strongly with helping developers and other internal employees get the tools they need to be successful at their jobs, as well as working for companies who do the same. I have also worked in health tech startups (One Medical, Trusted Health) focused on doing social good.

As an engineer I am disciplined and methodical. I am not a hacker or a 10×er; I focus on building things the right way the first time (or as close to the right way as can be known!), with an eye towards sustainable, maintainable code, documentation, and testing.

I enjoy engineering as a personal hobby as well, especially where it dovetails with my other personal hobbies such as aviation. I have made personal apps and websites using Rails, Vue.js, Swift, and Objective-C.