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software engineer | ruby on rails | former science educator | lifelong learner

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Self-motivated and adaptable Back End Software Engineer looking for an entry-level remote position where I can leverage the soft skills gained through my previous experiences as a science educator and overseas project manager for charitable organizations.

Developing and facilitating dynamic systems is my passion. I feel most aligned working in a diverse and collaborative environment with individuals who share my commitment to engineering quality software and creating positive impacts within the communities we are part of.

Professionally, I worked on wall street for a number of years, then reevaluated my life goals after 9/11 and pivoted to working internationally with NGOs. I spent some time in southeast India working with families affected by leprosy and then in rural Kenya working to provide solar power to small medical institutions and schools. These experiences led me to university to study Biology, and then to teach science within the creative environments of two international schools.

Through all of this, I have learned that there are three internal aspects that keep me grounded; my ability to solve challenging problems, designing systems that are practical while also being engaging, and a talent of being able to ‘herd cats’ toward a common goal (think middle school students and lab experiments).

The changing state of this world led to me a year-long reflection about what my personal goals are and what capacity I best thrive in. I enthusiastically choose to enter the world of software development as I feel that it is the gateway to help create the change I am so passionate about. I also happen to absolutely enjoy doing it as well.