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Experienced Senior Software Engineer specializing in Rails development with a strong track record of building reliable applications, collaborating effectively in code reviews and pair programming, and 11 years of remote work experience.

With over 21 years of software development expertise, including 11 years of remote working, I am a seasoned professional ready to take on the challenges of a Senior Software Engineer role. I have worked with a wide range of programming languages, including Node.js, Ruby, and C#, allowing me to adapt quickly and efficiently to any technology stack. Known for my problem-solving skills, I thrive in finding innovative solutions to complex technical issues. My strong communication skills enable me to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and stakeholders, even in remote settings. I firmly believe in the value of accountability and am always ready to own up to my mistakes, embracing them as opportunities for growth and improvement. I genuinely love being part of a team, where I can contribute my skills, experience, and also provide mentorship and support to junior members. I firmly believe that no one is above being challenged, and I embrace the chance to explain my thinking to foster better understanding among team members. Through open discussions and sharing insights, we can collectively improve our problem-solving abilities and find more effective solutions. It's this collaborative environment that energises me and allows everyone to grow together. My extensive experience, adaptability, problem-solving skills, and collaborative mindset make me highly capable of taking a project from its initial idea to successful implementation. I am confident that I can contribute my skills, experience, and dedication to any team or project.

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Senior Full Stack Developer | Ruby • Rails • JS • AWS

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Hello! I'm Mike Doyle: Experienced Full Stack Ruby developer with a 12 year track record of building high quality software. A self-starter and excellent problem solver, I am passionate about creating user-centric, testable and scalable solutions that meet business needs and timelines. I’m results driven and a great collaborator with a continuous learning mindset and a commitment to excellence. Technologies that I have experience in: Server Side Ruby, Rails, Hotwire/Turbo, UJS, Resque, Sidekiq, Redis, JSON API creation and integration, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Elixir Client Side JavaScript, Stimulus, React, jQuery, CSS, Sass, HTML AWS Lambda, S3, Athena, SNS, CloudFront, CloudWatch, MediaConvert, EC2, ECS, RDS, Kinesis, CDK, CloudFormation Misc Rubocop, MiniTest, Linux, Docker, Docker Compose, Vagrant, Git, GitHub, GitHub Actions, Bash I'm currently learning: Rails 7 and Hotwire paradigms Elixir/Phoenix LiveView React (RSC) NextJS and Remix Recent work: Developed and maintained frontend and backend features in a high traffic Rails monolith Improved the scalability and performance of application code and background jobs Developed file processing Lambdas using Docker, Ruby, ImageMagick, Exiftool and Vips for conversions previews and metadata extraction Led the development of a new Rails application using Docker, Sidekiq, Hotwire, ViewComponents, Tailwind with the IaC on the AWS CDK and CI/CD through GitHub actions Developed a daily automated analytics ETL pipeline using Athena to query CloudFront logs and S3 inventories for the customer success team to identify bandwidth and storage overages

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