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Full-Stack | Ruby On Rails | Hotwire | Turbo | Stimulus | TailwindCSS Engineer | VIM

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How I can help you I am a Rails and PostgreSQL expert. That means that I am very familiar doing things the rails way. There are things that you can only learn from being in a career for so fifteen years. I call it hidden knowledge. At some point you develop a sixth sense for when and how deep to test, which refactors are necessary, a set of practices for handling ActiveRecord associations. Passions I believe that an expert developer is a unique asset to a company as they can drastically change its course. I like working with startups, and I have 15 years of tips, tricks, techniques, strategies from a technical perspective as well as an business/operational perspective. Developer origin story I spent a bunch of time on linux and building out my home network. I've always had a love for this craft. I started building robots, then teaching middle and high schoolers how to build and program robots, while managing my own self hosted networks and distro-hopping linux flavors Unique skills that make me awesome I've written custom PostgreSQL extensions You'll notice with me that I am very quick on the keyboard, and between the well placed lame jokes, combined surgically precise problem solving, I have consistently told me that I am a pleasure to work with. Core Skills ⌨️ Tech skills: - Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Rspec - Javascript / Stimulus.js / Turbo / React / AlpineJS - PostgreSQL / Redis / Sidekiq / Goodjob - Heroku / Github / AWS - View components / Tailwind / Bootstrap - Neovim Ninja Startups I built and sold, a direct mailer marketing platform that provides modern marketing conveniences to a legacy channel. Adheres to compliance within certain verticals, and provides deep integration like you're used to in SEO. I was hired to build the core infrastructure for, a property tax analysis tool that guarantees the lowest property taxes for Florida residents. You have an idea worth building

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Software development expert with 20+ years of experience, including team management.

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Built and designed several Rails applications since 2008. Some example clients where I've contributed to their commercial platform: BraveWriter - A homeschool grammar and English literature classroom forum with annual sales of > $1M. Built an integrated ecommerce support for processing semester registration. Anddit - A non-profit portal for connecting people in need underwritten by a biopharmaceutical company. Original site design and architecture. Spoonflower - The original print-on-demand for fabric enterprise. Trained (refactoring, TDD) and consulted for the engineering team, as well as migrated the original Rails infrastructure through several versions. RedHat - contributed as a member of the Katello plugin (, a Rails engine for Foreman server management application as a Senior Software Developer at RedHat. This included both active development as an individual contributor, but also reviewing and managing contributions from the open source community. I recently built a JIRA plugin for schedule forecasting Kanban teams, written of course in Rails! This plugin does simple date estimations to help teams realize the velocity of their Kanban board. I've had experience as both an individual contributor as as a team manager/lead.

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Rails Developer with 8 Years of experience | Experienced in Performance optimizations and AI integration

As a seasoned freelance software developer, I bring extensive expertise in Ruby on Rails, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, and GraphQL. I have successfully delivered numerous projects, ranging from MVPs to complex systems serving millions of users. My specialization includes performance tuning, AI integrations, and product leadership. Known for being self-driven and easy to manage, I excel in hands-on coding and product ownership. Skills: Ruby on Rails Postgresql React TypeScript JavaScript GraphQL Server - Ruby GraphQL Client - Apollo CI/CD (CircleCI, Jenkins) Heroku Experience: Freelance Staff Software Developer (06/2022 - Present) I have done 6 projects so far, Here are the one's I like the most. A website to manage internal links Improved dashboard performance, reducing load time from over 2s to less than 200ms. Fixed memory issues in the sitemap crawler and optimized its speed. Vulnerability compliance management application Implemented advanced GraphQL Ruby backend, optimized performance for a SQL-heavy application, and integrated complex third-party APIs. Customer support AI app Developed a GPT-3.5 based app and Chrome plugin, leveraging OpenAI's capabilities for customer service data summarization. Senior Full Stack Developer at SaaS Company (04/2022 - 04/2023) Reduced page load times, overhauled CMS rendering system, and implemented robust security measures for a platform with over a million users. Software Engineer at Two Different Technology Firms (06/2016 - 04/2022) Developed and maintained applications using Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, and NodeJS. Led teams, conducted code reviews, and implemented CI/CD pipelines. USP Technical Skills: Expert in performance tuning and optimization Extensive experience in AI integrations and LLMs Proficient in developing scalable web applications and APIs Relevant Achievements: Successfully launched over 10 applications with a focus on performance and scalability. Improved SEO scores and user experience through strategic CMS enhancements and performance optimizations. Led cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software solutions on time and within budget. Solved technically challenging problems like Video/Audio freeze detection, Co-Browsing, Implementing algorithms, etc.


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