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CTO, Senior Full Stack Dev | RoR and Js/Typescript Expert | Remote

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Senior software engineer with over 10 years of experience as a remote freelancer. My educational background includes an MSc 2:1 in computer science and applied mathematics engineering from ENSEEIHT (Toulouse, France) in 2009. I then worked for 2 years as a frontend developer at a startup in London and transitioned to backend work in 2013. Specializing in web application development, I have undertaken projects for companies such as Carrefour, L'Oréal, Cocolis, Epicery, and Alerti. My work has encompassed backend development, data engineering, code and database performance improvement, e-commerce platform customization and logistics, payment system integration, API creation, crawlers, technical documentation, and testing. Passionate about data manipulation and rendering them to users and stakeholders in a more meaningful way, I am currently expanding my skills in AI/ML and neural networks through CNRS fidle formation to explore how I could apply and offer these services to my clients. Recent milestones and accomplishments include: Migrating the payment system from Adyen to Stripe for Epicery Migrating the frontend from Vue to Hotwire for Epicery Developing a geolocalized matching algorithm between carriers and packages for Cocolis Fields of expertise: E-commerce solutions with Solidus/Spree open-source framework Data processing and visualization with Business Intelligence tools for reporting Integration of payment system providers Integration of third-party APIs Database design and performance optimization Frontend performance optimization Crawling and scraping Technical audits Testing, documentation, CI/CD tools Experience with the following tools: Languages: Ruby, Typescript, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Render, Heroku Frontend: React, Vue.js, Hotwire, Angular, HTML/CSS, Alpine.js, HTMX, Astro Payment providers: Stripe, Mangopay, Adyen, PayPal Data viz: Amazon QuickSight, Superset, Tableau Backend tools: Solidus open-source e-commerce solution, New Relic, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, etc. CI/CD Tools: GitHub CI, CircleCI Fluent in French, English, Spanish.

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CEO / CTO with 7yrs xp of fullstack Rails dev. I raised +1.6m€ with the company I built from scratch. IoT and hybrid services expert.

Since beginning my journey in web development with Ruby on Rails in 2017, I've been driven by the desire to innovate and lead in the tech space. I founded a music-tech startup, coding 65% of our product myself and leading our talented team of seven to secure €1.6m in funding. Our company, now profitable and fully automated, provides 24/7 accessible studios for music producers and content creators. Our journey in the IoT and music-tech sectors has honed my skills in holistic product design, development, and management. I ensure our products meet end-user needs while seamlessly integrating various professional disciplines, achieving both high performance and strict adherence to timelines. 🛠️ Technical proficiencies: - Languages and frameworks: Ruby 3, Rails 7, TailwindCSS, ViewComponent, Turbo, Stimulus JS. - Testing and opperations: Minitest, Yarn, Sidekiq, Heroku, Redis. - IoT and automation: Raspberry Pi, Home Assistant, smart devices, and API integrations. - Payment and marketing systems: Stripe (Payments, Billing, Identity, Connect), marketing automations with n8n. 😌 Additional skills: - Expertise in marketing, UX design, branding, and both headless and no-code CMS platforms. - Proficient in data science, focusing on data collection, manipulation, and enrichment. 🏢 Industries I add value to: - Music and entertainment, IoT, real estate, travel, cooperative sciences, and hybrid business models. - Extensive experience in industries related to scuba diving and smart buildings. 👀 Looking forward: I am eager to explore new projects and collaborate with teams that aspire to reach and exceed their goals. If you're seeking a seasoned developer with a proven track record and broad industry expertise, let's connect and discuss how we can work together to achieve something exceptional. 😌

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Senior Rails Engineer

How I can help you I am a Rails and PostgreSQL expert. That means that I am very familiar doing things the rails way. There are things that you can only learn from being in a career for so fifteen years. I call it hidden knowledge. At some point you develop a sixth sense for when and how deep to test, which refactors are necessary, a set of practices for handling ActiveRecord associations. Passions I believe that an expert developer is a unique asset to a company as they can drastically change its course. I like working with startups, and I have 15 years of tips, tricks, techniques, strategies from a technical perspective as well as an business/operational perspective. Developer origin story I've always had a love for this craft. I started building robots, then teaching middle and high schoolers how to build and program robots, while managing my own self hosted networks and distro-hopping linux flavors Unique skills that make me awesome I've written custom PostgreSQL extensions You'll notice with me that I am very quick on the keyboard, and between the well placed lame jokes, combined surgically precise problem solving, I have consistently told me that I am a pleasure to work with. Core Skills ⌨️ Tech skills: - Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Rspec - Javascript / Stimulus.js / Turbo / React / AlpineJS - PostgreSQL / Redis / Sidekiq / Goodjob - Heroku / Github / AWS - View components / Tailwind / Bootstrap Startups I built and sold directmailer.io, a direct mailer marketing platform that provides modern marketing conveniences to a legacy channel. Adheres to compliance within certain verticals, and provides deep integration like you're used to in SEO. I was hired to build the core infrastructure for floridahomesteadcheck.com, a property tax analysis tool that guarantees the lowest property taxes for Florida residents. You! You have an idea worth building