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I am a software craftsman (senior) skilled with Ruby on Rails. I believe in elevating the professional standards of my profession to improve the end user's experience as well as my own.

I was a programmer before I ever realized it. My first experience with code was when I used Lego mindstorm's visual code builder to make my robots do cool things. I laters wrote some code to make simple video games using RPG Toolkit, as well. It wasn't until I was in college pursuing an English degree, while married with a kid on the way that I seriously considered software development as a career. I changed my major to computer science and never looked back. Now as a seasoned professional Ruby on Rails engineer with over 6 years of experience, I have been through a variety of formative experiences that have shaped me. I have taken up the cause of software craftsmanship and want to do whatever I can to raise the bar for my profession. I have seen too many unworkable code bases in my career, and I know that we can make better experiences for both end users and software developers if we persuade the world to give more respect to the software development process. I am skilled at developing well thought out software that is maintainable in the long term. I build things that last, and know how to find the bugs before they impact customers because I write robust and complete tests. I am a realist that knows how to sink my teeth into a problem and ask the right questions, whether you like those questions or not, because I know that is ultimately what is best for the business.

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More than ready for Primetime

I'm a Software Engineer based in New Jersey. Rails is my specialty, but I'm a generalist with multiple years of exposure to both the Ruby and JavaScript universes. I know how to build Ruby applications without Rails as well, having worked with Sinatra. I also have a good relationship with RSpec. I've taken a long and winding road to my career as a developer. I've worked in Higher Education, Civil Service, and Nonprofit, always in technology-adjacent roles, but I wasn't ready to commit to a software engineering career until I found a reason to settle down. So I spent a handful of years studying, learning and coding, and now I'm an early career Rails developer with a thorough grounding in algorithms and system design. I'm the creator of TextSomebody, an application that allows users to initiate a text-message conversation with any SMS-enabled device, and to share the contents of that conversation through a unique URL. It makes use of websockets for real-time page updates, and integrates with Twilio's Programmable SMS API. Before deciding to focus on Rails, I co-created Able, an A/B testing framework for Jamstack applications that uses Cloudflare's edge computing platform to serve different variants of static assets from the CDN on a per-request basis. Like I said, I'm devoted to the Rails framework. However, I'm not just a Rails programmer. I'm a Ruby programmer who's also fluent in JavaScript, with experience in frontend technologies like React and HTML/CSS as well. In summary, I'm a dedicated, hungry nerd with an abundance of curiosity and creativity. If you run Rails and you're looking for teammates, we should definitely talk!

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