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Talented Full Stack Developer with 5+ years of experience

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WORK EXPERIENCE Snapsheet Chicago, IL Software Engineer April 2021 – Sept 2022 Developed an AWS-based SAAS claims management application that handled thousands of record creations daily from the nation’s top insurance companies. Development in MySQL, Ruby on Rails, and React. Converted a monolithic API endpoint receiving dozens of requests a second into a REST API web service consisting of several standardized web resources, greatly improving scalability and reducing average API response time on large records from several seconds to half a second. Designed tailored solutions to common Web API issues such as asynchronous jobs, multi-record creations, and resource filtering. Worked in a close team of Developers, QAers, designers, and Project Managers taking an Agile approach to project management. Epic Systems Madison, WI Software Developer August 2019 - Sept 2020 Developed a suite of desktop and web applications to manage the real‑time billing services of the world’s largest healthcare systems. Development in C#, Typescript, and SQL Utilized test‑driven development and Agile processes to create full‑stack scalable web applications, with a .NET frontend and server coordinating petabyte-scale NOSQL and SQL databases. Reworked several system UIs to support accessibility standards around keyboard navigation and screen-reader support, making it easier for vision and motor‑impaired users to work in our software. University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI Instructional Assistant, EECS 492 January 2019 – May 2019 Instructed a senior level CS course focused on Human‑Computer Interaction, Usability, and Front‑End Web Design taken by over 100 students. Course work was done in Javascript, JQuery, and Vue Prepared material for and led weekly discussion sections of roughly 30 students reviewing the material. Designed a series of class projects of increasing complexity giving students practical experience in topics such as usability and accessibility, event‑driven design, MVC design patterns, and javascript frameworks like Vue. University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI Research Assistant April 2018 – September 2018 Administered the computer system for the Radiation Weather Station, a network of dozens of computers and scientific sensors running multiple OSes that collected weather and radiation data for use by scientists and the general public. Prototyped low‑cost Auxiliary Stations, smaller versions of our sensor arrays costing $30 ‑ $100 that could be distributed to highschools across Michigan. They acted both as educational projects for high school students, and as a distributed sensor array for professional research. Coordinated work with coworkers across multiple disciplines and experience levels, including academic researchers, undergraduates, and professional engineers. EDUCATION University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI BS in Computer Science, History; minor in Italian Graduation Date: May 2019 SKILLS & INTERESTS Programming Languages: Ruby (adv) | Javascript (adv) | SQL (intermediate) | C# (inter.) | C++ (inter. - beginner) Technologies: React.JS, .NET, REST APIs, Git / Github, ActiveJob, ElasticSearch Interests: Hiking, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Sci-fi / fantasy novels, ttrpgs

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Mid-level full stack Rails Dev looking for immediate placement.

In the fall of 2017 I enrolled in Case Western Reserve University's Coding Bootcamp, a 26 week program dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of Full Stack Web Development. Entering the course with no coding experience, I found myself struggling with certain concepts, but through determination I was able to gain a sturdy foundation for a future in web development. After completing the course in April 2018, I was able to get my foot in the door at Bravo Wellness as a QA Automation Engineer. After 2 years in that role, the company decided to transition to an entirely new platform that would be created using the Ruby on Rails (RoR) framework. The new software was called "Ovation" and I had the tremendous opportunity to learn from some great people (who I still keep in touch with via Discord & Slack). Shortly after Bravo Wellness was acquired by Medical Mutual I was offered an excellent opportunity with another local shop. Second Generation is a fast-paced small team where I continued to grow as a RoR developer; honing both my back end and front end skills. After some time I found my niche integrating two third-party providers via custom-built widgets. Unfortunately, in May 2024, due to cutbacks I've found myself looking for my next great adventure. I'm certainly open to suggestions, so stop by my Contact & Resume page for my professional networking links and contact information as well as my most current resume.

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Cybersecurity Analyst in training. Tech enthusiast

I am looking to learning more on developing, as I dabble in doing so part time. My main focus is in Cybersecurity Management and Policy at the online university UMGC (University of Maryland Global Campus). I have also experience interning/working at the company Sysarc in the focus of managing firms policies and other responsibilities. Where my strengths lie are in would be my soft skills in understanding how to communicate and translate cyber information from technicians to I.T managers and other non-technical personnel on a daily basis. Currently I am studying for my CompTIA A+ Networking certification. I can say that in the small time I've been in Cybersecurity, I have learned about the following: Communication, Control, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Space, and Unmanned Systems. I also learned more on the programs that I would work on with (i.e Linux (RHEL OR Centos), AWS cloud computing, and some coding languages as well. I can say what drives me (passion) is learning from doing tasks out of error, whether their college courses or job interviews. I am also driven by the process of management of communicating with different audiences (both technical and nontechnical). I can say strengths I possess that are contributing to a workforce are as follows: Vulnerability Assessment IT infrastructure, Disaster recovery, Data integrity Information Security Management, Threat Detection, Risk Management, Security Investigation, User Authentication Cloud Security, Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Empathy, Flexibility. My contributions to being a developer is being resourceful, patient, and inquisitive on information that is commonly addressed between clients and developers.

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Experienced Rails developer dedicated to the craft of engineering

Most recently, I worked at Rhino, a startup in the proptech space. I joined the integrations team where I built the core infrastructure to integrate with partner systems. I also worked on various projects ranging from designing APIs and fixing bugs to implementing features. This role allowed me to contribute significantly to the company's growth and success. Prior to Rhino, I worked at the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. There, I was involved in renovating and upgrading several city products and services. This experience honed my skills in working with legacy systems and integrating them with modern technologies, further deepening my expertise in Ruby on Rails. In addition to my professional experience, I launched loominex.io, a maintenance management system that I built from the ground up. This entrepreneurial venture allowed me to explore the full spectrum of product development, from sketching the UI and designing the database schema to choosing the right tools and structuring the Rails project. Although the venture did not ultimately succeed, it was an invaluable learning experience that enriched my skills and knowledge. I am passionate about the craft of engineering and have dedicated my career to Ruby on Rails for over six years. My unique blend of startup experience, government work, and entrepreneurial ventures positions me well to tackle complex challenges and deliver robust, user-centered solutions. I thrive in collaborative environments and am always eager to contribute to innovative projects and dynamic teams.

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