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People-oriented Rails developer with a focus on backend

Hello! 👋 I’m a software developer with more than 5 years of experience working remotely for both scale-ups and hyper-growth startups with a background in customer support, and I hope to use my people skills and passion for programming in creating meaningful and personal technology for humans. I am at my best in cross-functional teams where I can be in contact with both customers and business teams to deliver the best product possible, and I have experience and a deep interest in building tooling that helps teams being more productive. Some highlights of my past work are: ‣ Building real-time integrations between Ruby on Rails applications and third-party services like Stripe, e-commerce, email marketing, CRMs, and customer support solutions. ‣ Leveraging Sidekiq, Lambda and Airflow for data processing pipelines between product data stored in MySQL/PostgreSQL and Redshift/Snowflake for data aggregation, while working directly with data analysts and engineers. ‣ Working with the business and product teams in creating customer lifecycle workflows, tooling and automations that helped them increase both customer retention and conversion which led to a very positive impact on the company's MRR. I like to focus mainly on business outcomes, software is a just a tool, but I've worked primarily with: ‣ Ruby: on and off Rails ‣ JavaScript: no frameworks or using Ember ‣ HTML & CSS: big fan of TailwindCSS ‣ Python: mostly in dbt and airflow tasks ‣ MySQL & PostgreSQL ‣ ElasticSearch Currently employed part-time by a company in the analytics space looking to take on some additional part-time projects. Especially - but not limited to - if these relate to internal tooling used by business teams and/or data integrations.