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Ruby on Rails Developer with a soft spot for the low level languages

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Production Engineer by degree, developer by heart. I discovered my passion for programming while in university and my aptitude for it led me to became a C-language tutor. After taking classes in the field and doing studies on my own, I decided to attend a Fullstack Web Development bootcamp using Ruby on Rails and officially change my career.

My years as an engineer allowed me to have a high capability of tackling complex problems, something that I genuinely love. I was once assigned to build a compiler for a C-like language using Assembly and got it perfectly working in less then one month. The project got praised for its effectiveness and it taught me to really think of efficiency when I write my code.

Most recently, I have also built and launched 2 exciting projects using Ruby on Rails and front-end technology. You are invited to visit them on my Website. I value quality and transparency in my work and I am looking forwards my next challenge as a developer. After having several experiences abroad, I’m extremely comfortable working in different environments.