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Full Stack Engineer | former Urban Planner

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How can we leverage technical tools and data to bring people together, improve efficiency, and solve difficult problems?

As an urban planner, I faced this question frequently - and as a software developer, I am now empowered to answer it.

At the Turing School of Software and Design, I built 10+ projects with Ruby on Rails and gained experience working collaboratively to design and develop web applications. I'm motivated by the process of analyzing potential solutions to determine the best approach for the given task. I have a strong focus on writing clear, testable code that delivers value and addresses specific problems.

For my most recent project, a full stack application that helps renters find safe and healthy homes, I developed an ETL process with Sidekiq jobs to import and normalize data on 500K+ properties and did simple memory analysis to conform with Heroku’s basic-tier memory limits.

I'm eager to continue to grow my technical skills in my next role and contribute to a team that is building high-quality software to makes life better for their users. I am currently seeking in-person or hybrid roles in the Philadelphia and / or New York metro areas, or remote work.