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Experienced Full Stack Developer with Expertise in Ruby on Rails, Delivering Scalable and High-Performing Web Solutions

🚀 Unveiling My Developer Journey 🚀 Greetings! I'm Bruno Leite, a seasoned Full Stack Developer with a passion for crafting elegant and efficient web solutions. My journey into the world of development started with a fascination for technology and a curiosity to explore its limitless possibilities. 🏆 Milestones That Define Me One recent milestone I'm particularly proud of is my role in optimizing the performance of a complex web application, reducing page load times from 8 seconds to a mere half-second. This accomplishment demonstrated my expertise in identifying and solving intricate problems, a testament to my commitment to delivering top-notch user experiences. 📚 Eternal Student of Tech I'm a firm believer in lifelong learning. In addition to my extensive experience, I've recently delved into the world of microservices and domain-driven design, aiming to build even more scalable and maintainable systems. The excitement of exploring new technologies keeps me driven and passionate about my work. 💡 Passion Beyond Code While I thrive in the technical realm, my true passion lies in the intersection of technology and human experience. I'm deeply committed to creating web applications that not only function flawlessly but also resonate with users on a personal level. My focus on user-centric design sets me apart in crafting solutions that go beyond the ordinary. 💪 Unique Skills That Define Me What sets me apart is my ability to dissect complex requirements into manageable components, making development more efficient. I'm well-versed in SOLID principles, DDD, and TDD, ensuring that quality is at the core of every project I tackle. 🌟 Ready to Elevate Your Web Experience I'm here to take your projects to new heights. Whether it's optimizing performance, designing intuitive user interfaces, or architecting robust backend systems, I'm equipped with the skills and dedication to turn your vision into reality. Let's create something exceptional together!

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Hi, my name is Titus, I am an ambitious full-stack software engineer who leverages Rails, Javascript, React, and Redux to craft solutions for real-world problems. I am a lifelong learner with a deep appreciation for clean code and test-driven development as well as behaviour-driven development approaches. I’m a software development alumni at Microverse, a remote software development school that uses pair programming and project building to teach web development

As a full-stack software development student at Microverse, a full-time and immersive developer Bootcamp, I have in the past year immersed myself into continuous learning by collaborating with students from diverse backgrounds to design, develop, debug, spec, host and maintain big and small Ruby(Rails) and Javascript(React) projects that ensured we grasp the necessary skills. Having no advantage of a technical background, I had to take initiative to teach myself cutting-edge technologies and train my mind to solve problems by immersing myself in hours of data structures and algorithms. In my second module, the school had already identified my passion to impart knowledge to others and thus I was approached to be a student mentor and assigned the role of a part-time technical support engineer due to my great progress in both professional and technical curriculum and the high-quality code reviews I gave to my peers. I developed skills in remote pair-programming using GitHub, industry-standard git-flow, and daily standups to communicate and collaborate with international remote developers. I mentored junior students by providing technical support through code reviews, proposed improvements to code organization to improve code quality and overall performance. I also provided advice and tips on how to maintain motivation and longevity in the program.

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