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I enjoy expressing my ideas through code that is easy and pleasing to read.

Lucas Fernandes, 31, SP - Brazil Lucas who? Well, I'm Lucas, I'm 31 years old, I live in São Paulo, Brazil, with my girlfriend, and I have a degree in Information Systems. Outside of work, I enjoy cycling and drawing quite a bit. I began my career in technology back in college, working as a tester, as QA. In my first job, I was mainly responsible for creating and reviewing software testing documents, such as performance testing strategy documents. Additionally, I started creating performance testing scripts. Working with those testing scripts it's when I saw an opportunity because since I started my studies, my goal was to become a programmer. While working as QA, I found that working with writing automated test scripts was a good way to keep myself closer to the code itself. After my first company, I joined Inmetrics. At Inmetrics, my focus was on creating, reviewing, and executing automated test scripts for Android and iOS applications using the Ruby language. With the experience I gained at Inmetrics, I felt comfortable enough to start looking for a programmer position. Since then, I've been working as back-end developer using technologies such as Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Docker, Git/Github, MySQL, Postman, CodeFresh, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis and SCRUM and Kanban as methodologies. What are my unique skills? Although I believe API development wasn't my primary focus, in my last three positions, I gained considerable experience in it. Specifically, my responsibilities included integrating partners through the API, developing new endpoints and webhooks, maintaining API endpoints, updating API documentation, refactoring code, performing migrations of new columns and tables, publishing client libraries for other API versions, reviewing business models for new features, performing translations, and writing some queries. Additionally, I was responsible for writing tests and monitoring them after deployment to production, essentially covering the entire development lifecycle. What Lucas DON’T you want to work on? There's nothing specific that I don't want to work on. I want to work in a place where I can feel comfortable advancing my development as a developer and participating in projects that involve more advanced subjects, as I believe I still have a lot to learn. Therefore, I'm seeking a company with flexible and collaborative people. If I feel that the position doesn't align with that, it's not a place I want to work. How would I describe my style of coding? I enjoy expressing my ideas through code, or at least I try to, that is easy and pleasing to read. I believe code should be easy and pleasing to read, guiding you through its abstractions to understand what's happening without much effort instead of you try hard to connect the pieces. I value expressiveness, for example, ensuring that objects or methods serve a single purpose, abstract code that has been duplicated and naming things with meaningful names. The Rails community is well-known for this, but I also emphasize the importance of writing tests, as they provide peace of mind when changing code. My experience with APIs tells me that I also appreciate clear and well-documented APIs that are easy to use. What have I been doing lately? Currently, I think I've been trying to balance my days around these three things lately: studying programming, improving my drawing skills, and cycling. I think it's worth mentioning that I view these activities outside of work positively because they put me in contact with other people and each one brings a different feeling. And, of course, this also reflects positively on my work. Currently area of study As of now, I have been studying JavaScript and delving into some backend topics. I have been using roadmap.sh/backend to guide myself through this process, and I've been posting my JavaScript code at: https://github.com/lsfernandes92/studi3s/tree/master/JavaScript.

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Ruby on Rails developer & Passionate about technology and solving problems

My journey as a developer has been nothing short of a thrilling adventure, filled with continuous growth and learning. It all began back in 2010 when I took my first steps into the world of programming. The very first programming language that I got my hands on was PHP. I remember the excitement of writing my first "Hello World" program and the sense of accomplishment that followed. It was in those early days that I realized the potential of turning lines of code into functional applications. As the years rolled on, I delved deeper into the world of web development. Around the mid-2010s, I found myself venturing into the realm of JavaScript and Node.js. It was a significant shift from PHP, and it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Building real-time applications and server-side scripting with Node.js was a whole new ballgame, and it pushed me to refine my coding skills. However, the most significant turning point in my journey occurred towards the end of 2018 when I embarked on a new adventure by diving into the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails framework. Ruby's elegant and concise syntax immediately appealed to me, and Rails' convention-over-configuration approach simplified the development process in a way that I hadn't experienced before. Working with Ruby and Rails allowed me to develop web applications rapidly and efficiently, and I quickly fell in love with the framework's emphasis on developer happiness. Over the years, I've continued to grow as a developer, honing my skills in various programming languages and frameworks. Each language and technology I've encountered has contributed to my knowledge and experience, making me a more versatile and well-rounded developer. Looking back at my journey, it's clear that my passion for coding has driven me to explore new horizons and embrace the ever-evolving landscape of software development. I'm excited to see where the future of technology will take me and the new languages and frameworks I'll have the opportunity to learn and master.

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Senior Software Engineer / Product Engineer / Fullstack Developer / Backend Engineer / Devops

I'm a software engineer with over four years of experience, working in web development using Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. My passion lies in creating innovative solutions that have a positive impact on people's daily lives, whether it be through streamlining processes, improving efficiency, or solving complex problems. With a solid foundation in software development and a track record of successfully delivering projects from start to finish, I have the skills and experience necessary to drive complex software initiatives from conception to deployment. My expertise in technologies such as Kubernetes, AWS, and Docker enables me to design and implement efficient and scalable solutions. I have a diverse range of project experience across various industries, including healthcare, education, car rental management, and insurance management, which has allowed me to adapt and excel in different project contexts. My versatility and flexibility in tackling new challenges have enabled me to consistently deliver high-quality solutions that meet the needs of my clients and stakeholders. Currently, I am a backend software engineer working on a learning management system that is integrated with a human resource management system, using programming languages such as Ruby, Kotlin, and Scala. As a lifelong learner, I am always seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. I am excited to use my skills and expertise to make a meaningful difference in the world. Skills: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS

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Pragmatic communicator with attention to detail, rooted in best practices

High response rate

Howdy 👋🏻 I've now been working in the industry for 10 years. I started my career in native iOS development, but now I've focused my attention to the backend. I've worked in Ruby on Rails for over 3 years now. I've implemented solutions to and worked with common backend tasks such as: API endpoints Background/async tasks Query optimizations Message queues Feature toggles APM CI/CD and more! A recent accomplishment is launching a significantly cross-cutting feature that fundamentally altered functionality of a 12-year-old Rails codebase. It launched with no downtime and no issues. I am passionate about code quality and the UNIX Philosophy. I care about simplicity and sensibility, preferring smaller, focused solutions over monolithic solutions. The best code is the least amount of code written that satisfies the requirement. It should be SOLID and DRY. It should cause minimal side-effects. I am an excellent communicator and have received praise for my ability to convey complex problems in an articulate and approachable manner to engineering and non-engineering stakeholders alike. I actually care about keeping documentation up-to-date and like investing research into tooling and processes that do that automatically so that it isn't so manual and painful. Working on a diverse team is really important to me. If we don't have a seat at the table for everyone, then what gets built only benefits a few lucky ones. Equity and accessibility is important. ✌🏻

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